Scope of Services

One of the capabilities of PT. Eskapindo Matra CE is focusing on Integrated Design Concept. This means that PT. Eskapindo Matra C.E is able to seriously arrange every design and construction stages. The company is able to cooperate with the client in integrating concept, starting from the initial stage until the finalization stage. The overall design is focused to meet the client requests.

Scope of consultancy services :

General Survey
Quantity Survey
Feasibility Study
Master Planning
Detail Engineering Design
Traffic Studies
Industrial Engineering
Contruction Supervision
Quality Assurance
Contruction Management
Quality Management System


Urban Planner / Regional Planner
Civil Engineers
Mechanical Engineers
Electrical Engineers
Social Economist
Interior Designers
Quality Management System

During the last three decades, various experiences and knowledge gained by PT. Eskapindo Matra C.E. has strengthened the company. Sometimes the company works solely, and at other times it cooperates with foreign companies. Until today, the experiences gained during the period have been created and showcased in several work packages of PT. Eskapindo Matra C.E.

Appreciation does not serve as our main objective, yet, what PT. Eskapindo Matra C.E has received is an acknowledgement from the community and also other participation which is aware of PT. Eskapindo Matra C.E existence of its ability and success. The appreciation cannot be refused and we can only show our gratitude to those who have acknowledged us. Those conditions do not lay us down, instead they spur us to create a much more better service.